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Welcome to M&S.

If you've come this far you're clearly ready for a desk - fantastic news!

On the right you'll see a couple of purchasing options to look over.
We offer desks billed monthly or, if you're not afraid of commitment, billed annually with a 10% discount.

As you work your way through to the checkout we'll capture all the info we need to generate a desk license, assign keys and cards etc - all of which you'll receive when you arrive

Terms and Conditions:

We're pretty chilled out at M&S but we have a few basic rules around joining.
New subscriptions are refundable within 7 days of purchase. That means we'll refund the remainder of your first month and call it a day.
After 7 days we revert back to our standard notice period - 90 days.


Other stuff:

Part of working in a shared space is communicating.
We use Slack to talk to the team here - definitely worth getting on board (if you haven't already). 

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